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Icefield (Wake Turbulence) from vjnokami on Vimeo.

Wake Turbulence is a music visualization based performance that uses sound and midi data as input for the graphic display of air travel related information graphics. 
The sky is filled with aircraft that transport people from place to place, perform utilitarian duties, assist in communications, and enact military missions. Wake Turbulence combines science, statistical display, and contemporary art by presenting these mechanical patterns and behaviors as a dynamic visual experience. The artwork is intended to be viewed as a live performance with video projected on 3 independent screens (16:9). 
The visual composition consists of 2 parts:
The first part is comprised of a graphic interface providing visual technical references to a variety of data environments, such as air traffic control, weather systems, GPS positioning, etc. The graphics are built into a 3D stage in quartz composer as “composition” and loaded in VDMX for  live manipulation in the X/Y/Z axes. This part will not be interacting with the sound, but will be manipulated by the visual performer using various bluetooth electronic devices for spacIal positioning.
The second part will be integrated into this 3D environment and will consist of several quartz composer paths. Each path will be loaded into VDMX for live manipulation and will interact with the music (sound and/or midi data driven). The content of these compositions will consist of visual data used in air space technology, such as air traffic control information, weather systems, flight vector information, etc. This content will respond to various input variations, affecting parameters such as zoom, positioning (x,y,z,), size, colour, layer triggering, layer fading, etc.