‘People’s Republic’: Moment Factory project proposal

‘People’s Republic’ re-imagines the topology of global politics: what would have happened if capitalism had declined and socialism had become the dominant world politic ? China has become the military/economic superpower and North Korea, the rebuilt industrial and technological ‘engine’ of the Asian economy, has reluctantly agreed to assimilate the disintegrating south. Pyongyang is the new Düsseldorf, and a new form of technologically-driven music is shifting popular music’s tropes.

‘People’s Republic’ plays with the possibilities presented by this alternate future in which rhythm has become a unifying social tool and machine hymns espouse the perfection of a people’s techno-utopia. In doing so, it seeks to re-examine the techniques of seduction and control – both political and social – as they exist in our manifested reality as well as in a how they might have evolved in an alternative present.